Grade 5
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Mrs. Munson's

5th Grade Class
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Monday, March 20

ELA:  My Side of the Mountain comp. questions due Wed.

Religion:  Read pages 28 and 29
try test on page 31 and 32

Math:  Worksheet both sides
Multiplying Fractions quiz on Wednesday!!! 

Science: Finish reading Lesson 1 Text pg. C116 and C117.  Answer Lesson 1 Review Questions pg. C 117 #1-4 in complete sentences.

Tuesday, March 21
ELA:  MSOTM comprehension quetions due tomorrow
Write suffix and homophone sentences...due Thursday

Math:  Page 68.  Multiplying fractions quiz tomorrow! 

Science:  Finish Vocab assignment from class

Wednesday, March 22
ELA:  Grammar Sentences due tomorrow
Read pages 20-46 in MSOTM
Complete "Thinking Stem" Activity
Due Friday

Religion:  Test Tomorrow

Math:  Page 69

LANGUAGE ARTS is designed to invite young learners  to a variety of grammar and writing skills that are always integrated in all subject areas. The primary goal in language arts is to develop life-long writers and readers that can effectively express and communicate ideas. For this instruction to be workable, students will be guided through the basic grammar function, functional vocabulary words, and basic writing forms in which the writing process will be applied to essay writing.
RELIGIONbible"Love One Another"                 
socialstudiesOur focus this year in Social Studies is the United States.   We are starting the year in the section titled "American People, American Land" which gives an overview of the nation.  Later, we will learn the history of this country starting with the people who explored the world and discovered America.In addition, students in grade 5 will understand the impact of geography on the early colonists. Also, a close examination of the evolution of the rights of American citizens, and global local issues of equity. We will explore the causes of both the Revolutionary War and Civil War. Collaboration among pupils is emphasized as technology is used for research and projects as we emphasize the responsibilities of a democratic nation. Tests and portfolio evaluation will be used to track a students progress.


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