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he mission of the Academy of St. Francis of Assisi is to prepare students to be literate, articulate, and computative life-long learners so that they may become productive citizens guided by Gospel values. 


Summer Time Fun Camp is FULL DAY NOW! 8 - 2:30

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 Join us for Summertime Fun!

Look for application in the Tuesday folder.  Contact Miss Berardi or Mrs. Yurcheniuk to reserve your spot, or with any questions.  Space is limited, so register early.

Our summer program incudes:

  • 1. outdoor activities
  • 2. access for completing mandatory iXL assignments
  • 3. writing workshops
  • 4. arts and crafts
  • 5. religious instruction
  • 6.Fun...Fun...Fun!




    This Action Alert describes actions we ask you to take with respect to Governor Christie's Fiscal Year 2016 Budget for nonpublic school accounts.


The Action Alert asks for ongoing and continuous actions between now and June with respect to nursing services funding and technology funding that has been appropriated in the Governor's budget.


As you can see when you read the Alert, the amount of money that the Governor has appropriated in the budget for nursing services has dropped from the previous year.  We ask that it return to the $91.00 per student that it was last year and not the $85.00 per student that it is in the 2016 Budget.


The amount of money for Technology Initiative has not been returned to the original $40.00 per student that was originally appropriated in the 1998 -1999 school year.  We are asking that it return to the $40.00 per student instead of the $32.00 that it is in this 2016 Budget.


Please contact members of the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.  These members should be your major contact.  Any legislator may be contacted regarding these accounts with the message that he or she speak with their respective colleagues on the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.


Please read the following attachments and make your voice heard.  Thank you!




 PowerSchool Tutorial Below            


 After you have created your account be sure to update your emergency contact information!

To do this click on POWER ANNOUNCEMENT and then click the EXPAND ALL box. 

Enter your contact information and hit submit on bottom of page.



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