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Several changes have been made to the Handbook. Parents are required to read and understand all policies.  Changes have been highlighted in yellow.   



 All Students enrolled in grades 1-8 for the 2014-15 school year are required to practice math skills at for 3 hours a week through the summer. Unless specifically told by the teacher to do otherwise, students are expected to work on skills learned in the 2013-14 school year.  This means that the majority of students will work on the lessons for the grade they just completed.  There are very few exceptions.

 The Academy of St. Francis of Assisi has a special IXL page for student to sign in.  Please use the link below to sign in to your IXL account.  When signing in to our custom page, you do not need to enter the "@assisi" portion of your username.


With about 5 weeks left in the summer, it appears the children are working hard in completing the IXL requirement. Here is where each class stands. The number below represents the avergage number of skills which students mastered.

It appears our 2nd Grade class is taking the lead.  Way to go! 

Kindergarten -1

1st Grade - 22

2nd Grade -121

3rd Grade - 88

4th Grade-90

5th Grade- 45

6th Grade- 35

7th Grade - 26

8th Grade - 34


he mission of the Academy of St. Francis of Assisi is to prepare students to be literate, articulate, and computative life-long learners so that they may become productive citizens guided by Gospel values.  






Internet access $9.95 per month for families who qualify.  See link below. 





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